Official Contributors

Sid Sudhir: Founder

Sid Sudhir is a high school student who hopes to have a career in the automotive industry in his near future. His primary ambition is to become an aerodynamicist in Formula 1, but Sid has held an ever-lasting love affair for anything automotive and hopes through some unapologetic and unique reporting he can truly capture his audience and spread his ideas.


Angad Agrawal: Editor & Producer

Angad Agrawal is a high school student with a passion for media production. He explored this field at the end of his freshman year and has since developed an appreciation for filmmaking. Right now, he is exploring and building upon his love by producing videos for the YouTube channel run by The Master Cylinder. 


Andy Thompson: Photographer

Andy Thompson is an 18 year-old automotive photographer from the Chicagoland area. He has been taking pictures since he was 11 years old and bought his first DSLR camera roughly four years ago. Since then his passion for cars has exponentially grown as he has immersed himself in the local and national scenes that present themselves in the form of car shows and private photo shoots. Through these events he has met many fellow enthusiasts and owners who help remind him about his love of cars and what makes the community around them so special.

Instagram: @chitownexotics

Trevor Raymond: Photographer

Trevor Raymond is a high school student with a ceaseless love for cars. He recently has found himself engulfed the photography scene surrounding the Chicagoland area and hopes to have an increased involvement in the community in the near future. More than just taking photos of the cars he loves, he also appreciates the people he gets to meet and cherishes the opportunity for discussion. He loves all the connections he gets meeting other car enthusiasts, and likes to enjoy some first-hand motoring experiences for himself on the weekends as well.

Instagram: @mouse.media2

Shakthi Perera: Author

Shakthi Perera is another high school student who has been captivated by cars from a young age. He aims to pursue a career in product and automotive design with an aspect in engineering. His love for anything on wheels reaches far and wide, but he has a special place in his heart for Japanese car culture. Combining his love for cars and writing, he aims to enjoy the craft to its fullest, while providing others with provocative and creative pieces to enjoy.