Red Bull Junior Team Driver Jak Crawford

Welcome back to another jam-packed episode of the TMC Talk Show! On this latest installment, we sit down with 15-year-old Jak Crawford who is one of the few American drivers currently competing in the lower levels of Formula racing. He has just come off a stellar 2020 season in ADAC and Italian Formula 4, but of course, he now has his eyes on FIA Formula 3. To hear more about his racing career and opinions on Spongebob, watch the full interview! Otherwise, keep scrolling down to view the different chapters and choose whichever topic seems most interesting to you.

Host: Sid Sudhir
Guest: Jak Crawford
Producer: Angad Agrawal

Intro: 0:00
Getting started in motorsport: 0:24
Joining the Red Bull Junior Team: 3:20
Competing in ADAC and Italian Formula 4: 5:32
Sid Asks Stupid Questions to Respected Members of the Automotive Community: 9:39
The mental aspect of racing: 17:02
Preparing for a race weekend: 19:59
Future plans in motorsport: 23:19
Jak’s charity: 26:28
Fan Questions: 28:21
Taking steps towards Formula 1: 34:17

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