The Acura TLX Type S: A Break from the German Sedan Monotony

Source: Sid Sudhir

It’s been a while since I have sat down to write one of these, but with school finally coming to a close and the YouTube channel up and running, I thought now is as good a time as any to return to writing some reviews. The car in question for this particular review is the Acura TLX Type S which is a complete redesign that marks the start of the second generation of the TLX. Only a limited amount of information has been revealed about the car thus far, but we can still make a fair amount of speculation and draw some conclusions about the basics of this car’s character. So, let’s get started.

Before we can even begin to talk about the new car, we need to revisit some Acura history. The Type S was a designation last used by Acura on the TL in 2008, and this was a car that was generally loved by gearheads and seen as somewhat of a sleeper choice compared to its German rivals. So when Acura decided to bring back the “Type S” badge for this new TLX, you can understand why many car lovers were sent into a frenzy of  bubbling excitement. There may however be a downside to all this hype. Since the car is essentially a sequel, it will of course have high expectations. It will have to meet certain industry benchmarks. Being subjected to this sort of scrutiny will either be what makes the car a marketing success or an extremely well publicized flop.

While the TLX Type S variant is slated to start rolling off the production line some time next year, I did get the chance to take a look at a prototype Type S at this year’s Chicago Auto Show (pictured above). The Type S concept looks extremely similar to the TLX and is in fact what the TLX is based upon, so it should be a good gauge for how the TLX will look in person. Based on what I saw, I can say that design and styling is an advantage the new TLX has over its competitors. Regardless of whether you look at the Type S concept or the actual TLX, the car undoubtedly looks much more aggressive and sharp (i.e. exciting) than any of its German cousins.

The design of the TLX is certainly intriguing, but the real feature that has become a source for discussion is its engine. The base model will be powered by a turbocharged 2L four-cylinder engine from the Honda Accord. Not very exciting. The Type S, however, will be powered by a brand new turbocharged V6 engine which is supposed to produce much more power than the current turbocharged V6 Acura offers. I wish I could provide an exact number, but at this point in time those types of figures are not yet disclosed to the general public. Something that Acura has revealed to the general public, though, is the sound of this new V6. If the engine really does come with that wonderiful, throaty sound that Acura teased in an online reveal, this may be yet another asset to prove that this car is more exciting than its cohorts.

I recognize that with this limited amount of information, making a conclusion can prove to be difficult or even downright inaccurate. That being said, I do think that the new TLX Type S can become a legitimate contender in the field of luxury sedans. While brands such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz build solid, practical vehicles, they are not necessarily the most exciting cars. The TLX on the other hand is a breath of fresh air and while it may not prove to be more technically adept than its competitors, I do get the feeling that it will still garner attention because it is an exciting car. Only time will tell if this is truly a better option, but if you are thinking about buying a luxury sedan, it might be worth waiting around for this one.


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