Founder of “The Barn Miami” Gaston Rossato

Welcome back to the TMC Talk Show and today we are speaking with Gaston Rossato, the founder and proprietor of a classic/exotic car dealership called “The Barn Miami.” Besides sharing a name with a Disney character, Gaston has had some pretty gripping experiences working with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and 2 Chainz. Tune in to this latest episode not only to learn a little bit more about Gaston’s celebrity encounters, but also the other various ways he involves himself in the classic and exotic car community. Hope you enjoy, and remember to scroll down to check the sublinks which make viewing the interview that much easier!

Host: Sid Sudhir
Guest: Gaston Rossato
Producer: Angad Agrawal

Intro: 0:00
Gaston’s backstory: 0:33
The strategy behind flipping cars: 1:54
About Gaston’s dealership The Barn Miami: 7:41
Gaston’s car collection: 15:50
Working with Jerry Seinfeld: 20:16
Sid Asks Stupid Questions to Respected Members of the Automotive Community: 22:08
The Barn Miami’s significance in car culture: 30:50
The most profound lesson Gaston has learned running his dealership: 33:07

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