Stunt Driver & Automotive Designer Emile Bouret

Join us for yet another exciting episode of the TMC Talk Show, this time with Emile Bouret. We discuss Emile’s time stunt driving for both Top Gear and The Grand Tour as well as his enriching experiences as an automotive designer. Oh yeah, he also tells us about the time he crashed an Aston Martin while driving on ice. If any of that sounds interesting to you, make sure to give the interview above a view and drop your thoughts below. Keep scrolling to view the subject break down which will make your viewing experience much easier!

Host: Sid Sudhir
Guest: Emile Bouret
Producer: Angad Agrawal

Intro: 0:00
Emile’s back story: 0:44
Motorsports career: 2:08
Stunt driving for The Grand Tour & Top Gear: 5:58
Automotive art & design: 14:59
Sid Asks Stupid Questions to Respected Members of the Automotive Community: 21:06
Emile’s favorite part of his job: 40:16

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